Soups tools Co.Ltd was founded in 1998.It has experienced more than 20 years of development since the beginning of a single product(12 sets of portfolio kits) .And now we have developed into a company which is professional in testpen’s research and development and production.Though our company is not the biggest company in tool industry ,but we are professional,and we will be perfect and more professional in testpen industry.

Keep learning the century-old business philosophy of the small companies in Europe and The USA,focus on one field,and provide customers with truly good quality cost-effective testpen.We only focus on testpen so more professional !

In the course of more than 20 years of our development,we also moved,also envied the other trade,and also did some wrong decisions.But finally we found our original desire and corrected direction.“Hardware industry is so wide range, There are so many temptations we want to try too.”This sentence has also taken us astray.

But now we think“The testpen industry is better,Well be better, more professional!” When we continue to dig deeper in one area,we can find our own  shortcomings more easily,and notice that it’s difficult to do a perfect work in this area.Only continuous persistence can do better.

Soups tools Co.Ltd has grown from a family workshop with a few employees to a small company with nearly 100 employees,we’ve developed slowly .But from the original manual workshop into a full range of modern processing equipment,we’ve developed very fast.

Our company now has a factory of 15000 square meters,from the product design,mold manufacture,machining,heat treatment,injection molding,circuit board manufacture,packaging inspection,and finally the production’s delivery.We can finish all the work in factory.

All the processes realise the on-line internal management of production.Now we have five manufacturing shop:including molding making;heat treatment;injection molding ;and assembly . We have nearly 100 sets of advanced equipment.Production in one year for 25 million various testpen.

“Protector of safe electricity ”is Soups’s mission! Honest,industry,love and not take the shortcuts are the values of Soups! We will continue to provide users with high quality and safe electrical testpen!

  • 15000

    Square factory floor area

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    Year professional quality

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    Multiple countries and regions

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